Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit

Prepare to be Amazed!!!

Are you tired of your tile and grout not looking as bright and clean as it used to look?

Before and After Picture

Are you looking for a way to clean your tile and grout without getting on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, bleach or some homemade tile & grout cleaning solution that just doesn’t do the job?

As professionals in the floor cleaning industry, we went through a lot of trial and error until we came up with a system that utterly amazes our clients when they see how clean we can get their tile and grout!  Using professional grade cleaning solutions and equipment we are able to “Wow” our clients on a daily basis.  But then came the real challenge:  Come up with a kit that the Do-It-Yourself homeowner can use to get professional looking results at an affordable price and does NOT require cleaning on your hands and knees!  I am very proud that we have developed a Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit that does just that and I know you’re going to be amazed!
If you have ever tried cleaning the tile and grout in your home, you know it’s a back-breaking process!  And there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush only to realize that you’re not getting the results that you want.  Or, if you do get the results you’re looking for, you’ve risked your health by breathing the fumes from harsh chemicals.  Either scenario is not good and yes, there is a better way


” Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit requires no scrubbing on your hands and knees and there are no harsh vapors! “


I want to show you a couple of short videos showing how we use our professional equipment to do a residential and a commercial cleaning.  Although we are using specialized equipment with high pressured water under a dome – we’re still using the same Tile and Grout Cleaner that comes in our Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit!  The SAME cleaner!!!  You are just replacing the high pressured water under a dome with a specialized V-Tip Brush and old fashioned elbow grease.



Here are the steps to use for my Tile & Grout Cleaning Kit  (that’s me in the pictures below showing you an actual home that I cleaned with the products from my Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit!):


How to Clean Tile and Grout

Step 1: Gather Everything for Project

Gather everything that you will need for the tile and grout cleaning job.  I suggest you have on hand: 2 mop buckets, 1 or 2  mops, our Grout Brush, standard threaded mop/broom handle (padded/cushioned is best!), measuring cup, clean towels (for drying), D-I-Y Tile & Grout Cleaner, D-I-Y Tile & Grout Sealant (optional).

Gather Everything for Project


Step 2: Attach Grout Brush

Attach the V-shaped Grout Brush to a standard threaded mop or broom stick  (I recommend one with a cushioned handle!).  This Grout Brush is excellent for cleaning tile!  The unique V- shaped head fits nicely in grout lines for easier cleaning and for cleaning difficult corners.  The swivel connector pivots 180 degrees making it super easy to stay in grout lines.

Grout Brush

Grout Brush with V-Tip

Assemble Grout Cleaning Brush

V-Shaped Grout Brush- Click Here to visit our store to purchase

Step 3: Prepare Tile & Grout Cleaner

Our Tile & Grout Cleaner is an alkaline based solution that is safe for ceramic and porcelain tile (and other surfaces – please read label).  The Tile & Grout Cleaner is a concentrate and needs to be diluted!  Your dilution ratio will depend on how dirty your tile and grout are.  Please refer to bottle label and determine your dilution ratio (a quart bottle will clean approximately 250 square feet).  I want to take a moment to mention that there are many type of tile and grout cleaners out there.  We have tested many, many cleaners and have found nothing that works as well overall as our Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution.  It’s not as caustic as acidic solutions and cleans amazingly well!  If your tile and grout is not coming as clean as you think it should, just up the dilution ratio of cleaner to water and that should take care of it.  Another major plus of our Tile & Grout Cleaner is that there are no harsh odors!  You don’t need to wear a mask while cleaning your home.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution

Prepare Cleaning Solution

Dilute with Water

Let me show you Before and After pictures of a kitchen tile and grout cleaning job where we used the Grout Brush and our Tile & Grout Cleaner and then we will go over the remaining steps.  Here are the Before and After pictures.  It’s amazing!

Before & After Picture

Step 4: Apply Solution

Mop the solution carefully over the areas you are looking to clean being careful to not let it run into wood cabinets, furniture and anything else outside of the area you are looking to clean.  Be very careful not to let solution “pool” around the edges of your cabinets as the water can cause them to expand!  Also, be careful to not splash the solution on anything other than the floor (you may want to cover stainless appliances).  When applying the solution, mop it on being sure to let the solution get down into all the grout lines.  Step back and look over the area you have applied solution to make sure you haven’t missed any spots.

Apply Solution

Step 5: Allow Solution to Dwell & Then Scrub with Grout Brush

Let the solution dwell for 5-10 minutes (important!) so it can start loosening the dirt on the tile and grout.  Do NOT just mop it on and start scrubbing — you’re making your job much, much harder!  Using your Grout Brush, slowly scrub the brush over the grout lines and tile.  If the tile and grout are very dirty, you will see the dirt come up right away as the solution will be foamy and very dirty looking.  You may have to repeat steps 5 and 7 more than once depending on how dirty the tile and grout are.  Once you get all the dirt out that is going to come up, move on to step 8.  Please note that over the years, grout can get blemishes and some of these may be permanent.  Grout can also deteriorate to the point where you get cracks and pits.

Scrub with Grout Brush

Deep Cleaning of Grout

Keep scrubbing with Grout Brush

Step 6: Rinse Off Solution

Once all areas are cleaned, use a regular mop and mop the area with clean water.  You will want to repeat this process several times until the solution is completely removed from the tile and grout.  It is very important to make sure all solutions are removed from both the tile and the grout lines, especially if you’re going to seal your grout lines.   At this point, you should see no bubbles from the solutions.

Rinse Off Solution

Step 7: Towel Dry

Using clean, lint-free towels, dry the floor.  This is basically just to dry the tile as the grout lines will take many hours to dry.  Grout is a type of cement mixture and is very porous.  Think about what the sidewalk looks like when it rains — it darkens.  After the sidewalk dries, it get lighter again.  The same thing will happen with your grout lines; they will appear lighter after they have completely dried.

Towel Dry

Step 8: Review Your Work

Now review your work to see if there are any area that still need attention. If so, you may need to repeat the cleaning process in those areas to make sure all the dirt is removed.  If you come across a stubborn or difficult stain, you might try pouring the Tile & Grout Cleaner directly onto the stain (you won’t need much!)  Give it a 5-10 minute dwell time and re-scrub.  Remember though, grout does deteriorate over time and you may have some blemishes. Also, some things (such as Tabasco sauce) may permanently stain unsealed grout!

You are now done cleaning your tile and grout!  You can stop here and enjoy your new, clean floor or go on to the next step – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED — sealing your tile and grout!!!

Review Your Work

Step 9: Sealing the Tile and Grout

It is at this point you may want to seal the tile & grout using our Tile & Grout Sealer.  The Tile & Grout Sealer is a ready-to-use product – do not dilute!  Simply pour out a “puddle” of the Sealer (away from cabinets and appliances) and using a clean mop, evenly distribute the solution.  Don’t apply a thick coating, just mop on a thin layer.  Be sure to get up under the cabinets as well!  Allow the Tile & Grout Sealer to dry for 20-30 minutes and reapply for maximum results!  Floors will be open to traffic in 4-6 hours.  If you seal your floors, you will want to clean them with our Weekly Cleaner.  It is a neutral pH cleaner that will NOT damage your Tile & Grout Sealer!!!  DO NOT CLEAN WITH VINEGAR or any other acid based cleaner!!!  Vinegar is an acid and will eat away at your sealer!!!  For more information about our sealer, click here: Tile & Grout Weekly Cleaner   It is a very safe and effective cleaner that has no harsh odors!!!

Apply Sealant

Finished Product- Amazing!

Before and After Picture

So, that is it!  These are the steps to use when using our DIY Tile Cleaning Kit!  Here is a picture of one of our kits below.  It is available for purchase in our online store.

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